‘The Queen of Spain’ Opens This Week

Looking for a fun, late summer comedy to ease you into TIFF time? 

From Academy Award-winning director Fernando Trueba (Belle Epoque), The Queen of Spain (starring Penélope Cruz) is a follow up to Trueba’s earlier film, The Girl of Your Dreams.

“This movie captures the era in the middle of the 50s where we see the encounter of Spanish Cinema (under Franco) with American Films (at McCarthy times). It’s a comedy that is a tribute to classical comedy, it’s my love letter to movies and its people,” notes Trueba. 

In it, Cruz stars as the famous movie star Macarena Granada, who flees the glamour of 1950s Hollywood to return to her roots in Spain where she has signed on to star in an epic film as Queen Isabella of Spain. This film is about an interesting moment in the history of film AND a fun comedy!

The film opens in theatres on August 25th. Get your tickets here.

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