In April we told you about the Unslut Project and shared an interview with the site’s creator, Emily, who is combating slut-shaming by sharing entries from her decades-old journal. The entries are never edited and provide insight into the turmoil that is caused by slut-shaming.

Emily has decided to take the project one step further and is creating a documentary film on sexual bullying and slut shaming.

She saysSlut: A Documentary Film “will feature the stories of girls who were driven to suicide by sexual bullying, interviews with women who have experienced the effects of slut shaming in their own lives, and the opinions of media figures, sexologists, psychologists, and other experts. This film will demonstrate the extent of this issue in our schools, communities, media, and culture—and explore the steps we can all take to work toward change right here in the United States and Canada.”

The documentary is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign that started on Monday and will close on Wednesday, Sept. 4th. The project needs to crowd source $18,000 to make this documentary a reality and we really hope it happens! The more we can discuss, highlight and fight against slut-shaming the less power bullies and harassers will have, so take a minute and donate to the Kickstarter campaign. While you’re at it, read Emily’s journal, it will remind you of why this project is so important.