To Whom It May Concern: On Women’s Personal Histories

Tova Benjamin sees the world in words and Kendra Yee seeks to illustrate everything around her.

Combining these two forms of communication, they have created a museum of Benjamin’s personal writings and memories. Using an overhead projector, a series of Tova’s intimate, unsent and previously confidential letters to various recipients and diary entries are projected onto a wall. The audience is free to sift through, project and read the letters in the manner of a “choose-your-own-adventure” book. The letters are presented in conversation with a collection of art works by Kendra.

On Saturday March 18th from 2 to 4 p.m., Kendra Yee and Tova Benjamin will discuss their exhibitTo Whom It May Concern at Xpace Cultural Centre (2-303 Lansdowne Ave). The talk will explore women’s personal histories (e.g., how we validate memories). Although we often think of time as chronological and progressive, time works in cycles.

Following the talk, stick around for an online performance by artist Aditi Ohri. Ohri will play Holi, a game that welcomes the beginning of spring through water balloon mischief and the splashing of colour. This Hindu tradition also has a complex history of caste-based violence, something her family has never discussed. She will be celebrating and critiquing the festival as she explores this history.

Ohri’s performance is in conversation with Xpace’s Main Space exhibition, Blood Ties, part of Myseum Intersections.

Talk and performance are FREE.

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