The Montreal International Fireworks competition has been torching the sky since 1985 and given the opportunity, you must experience this phenomenal display of pyromusical wonderment. Now under the umbrella of Festimania, this is yet another reason to make the trip to Montreal between mid July and mid August.

There are two ways to watch it, and two more nights of magic this summer. Most Montrealers will head to the Jacques Cartier Bridge, which provides an elevated view of Jean Drapeau park. The bridge closes down for the occasion, and at times 50, 000 will congregate to catch the spectacle. Since the city shuts down all traffic, it’s easy to Bixi down for a remarkable and romantic view.  Free to the public, this is a fantastic treat for all.

The other option is to head to La Ronde amusement park and sit yourself down in the auditorium that directly faces Lac des Dauphins, or the dramatic main stage for the event. Tickets range from $30.99 – $52.99 BUT, and this is an important but, that price also grants you access to the rides at La Ronde, so you can pack a full afternoon of rides and then finish the night with a big bang.

Throughout the summer, different countries compete and so far this summer the competition has displayed magnificent sky explosions from China, Czech Republic, England, Italy, Australia, USA and we were lucky to catch the Canadian program this past weekend. This ain’t your Canada Day dockside blow up, it’s an absolute eruption of visual magnificence and when synced to a musical score it becomes a show that undoubtedly sparks a sensory orgasm.

Thousands stood tall for our national anthem, and following the sound of a symphony orchestra blared as fireworks lit the hot July night, providing an intensely powerful visual that matched all the crescendos at just the right moment. It was absolutely magical.

THERE ARE TWO NIGHTS LEFT!!!! If you are in Montreal, you have GOT to experience this. France will be competing Wed July 27 and on July 30, a special Beatles Tribute has been organized, fireworks set to a variety of the Beatles’ hits. Close your eyes, can you imagine how amazing that will be?

For more information, go to the official International des Feux Loto-Quebec site.