Weekly DIY: Love-ly Fruit Skewers

One of my oldest and dearest friends got married this past weekend in a grand, elegant setting, surrounded by a crowd of guests that just radiated love, excitement and pure joy – a perfect night!

Two weeks prior, twelve gals set out for a weekend of pre-wedding celebration (aka the bachelorette party) and took a tiny, off-season ski town by storm. Food was an essential element to this festive weekend and keeping both transportation and presentation in mind, we thought an “all things kabob-ed” menu would be the perfect fit. I was assigned the fruit course, and here’s what I came up with!

I enjoy any excuse to use my extensive (OK, bordering on hoarder) cookie cutter collection so I grabbed a few fresh melons (water, honeydew, and cantaloupe) and got to work. I had never tried this before, but quickly discovered that the best route to take was to cut the melons into inch-thick slices, remove the seeds, and cut the shapes out of the remaining flesh – pretty simple! These heart-shaped babies may have taken a backseat to the cake vodka, but they were an excellent addition to a love-filled theme.

Ali Maldoff is a writer covering all things DIY, lifestyle, and food/drink on her blog Mint Sprinkles. Each week she gives us a different cool and easy project that we can try at home. We love Ali’s taste!


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