This summer in Toronto is looking to be one for the books with an array of outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a good drink, meal, or event around the city we always have you covered. However, for this series we have collected an array of workshops and classes for you to try this season! Shake up your daily routines and drop in for a comedy class at The Second City or expand your cultural horizons with a Kusikus weaving workshop. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creativity and we are here to help. 

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Improv, Comedy, Writing & Acting Classes Second City

Anyone can crack a joke, but only a select few can execute them effortlessly. Learn more about the art of comedy at The Second City, the largest school of improv and sketch comedy in the world! Whether you’re a total beginner or a known comedian, this can be quite the enriching experience. Even if performing doesn’t exactly interest you, improv can be great for meeting new people. Courses run throughout the year, so browse through their site and find something that speaks to you! More info.

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AGO Art Classes & Workshops

Regardless of skill level, the ability to visually create something will always be a fun process. Lucky for you, the Art Gallery of Ontario offers a variety of art classes and workshops so that you may one day get the chance to embrace your inner artist. There are both one-day workshops and full-length courses that will cover various mediums and techniques. The prices for these classes vary however, members and passholders are qualified for a slight discount as well! More info.


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Kusikus Weaving Workshop

There are hidden histories in between the art of textiles and this workshop is your chance to spend a mindful afternoon creating. Loosely translating to “whirlwind,” Kusikus is a traditional Filipino weave pattern that dates back to the 1400’s from Northern Philippines. This one-on-one guided workshop will introduce students to the basics of weaving, weave structure, and all the in-betweens to create this delicate craft. More info.

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Candle Making Labs

What better way to customize the aura of a room than with a good candle! Scents can make or break a space and a candle-making workshop is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. This fully customizable candle experience allows visitors to choose, combine, and customize a fragrance in 90 minutes. There are various labs available, including an online option where you can receive guidance from experts about the history and techniques of custom candles as well. More info.

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Writing Workshop

Ever read a really good piece of literature via Wattpad… or even AO3 and it remained unfinished? Well, you can now learn to rewrite your dream endings with this creative writing workshop to explore various components of the artistic process. These general creative workshops will explore exposition, dialogue, voice, style, and more with weekly, assigned writing prompts. You will explore your imagination and hone in on the craft in minimal time! More info.

Korean Folk Painting (Minhwa)

This two-in-one experience will immerse you into Korea’s art history while providing you with an experience unique to Korean Folk Painting. Unlike Ink Painting, Minhwa was drawn by the demands of people. This art form is said to wish good luck, long lives, and expel spirits. This workshop aims to help students understand the identity of this art form and to explore the vibrant and colourful world of Minhwa. Students of any age and artistic level will learn basic techniques with the materials included in the course. More info.

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Screen Printing 101

Widening your sphere in terms of visual arts can be difficult when mediums such as canvas, pencil crayons, and charcoal are so readily available. However, you are not at a loss because the Harbourfront Centre is offering a course where students can learn how to shoot silk screens. Students can try both traditional screen and open screen techniques using stencils and resists. At the end of the program students will receive a tote bag to print their designs that may be used for your daily summer fit checks! More info.

Afro-Caribbean Drum & Dance Workshop

Everyone knows that Toronto is known for its vast cultural foodscape, but the music scene widens each day. Now it’s your time to receive hands-on experience to learn more about the Afro-Caribbean Drum & Dance culture. This hands-on workshop will combine drum rhythms and dance steps of the African peoples and engage young people with new cultures. These workshops mix physical activity with music and will swiftly pass the time. Discover and learn African and Caribbean culture in this fun, interactive way. More info.

Dance Classes at Studio North

If you’ve ever binge-watched dance performances on YouTube, you must take another step forward and take a dance class. This studio offers dance classes for all experience levels across various genres. Get up and embrace the joy of movement at this studio, you will learn choreos from talent across Toronto whilst gaining a tight-knit community of dancers who share similar interests. This is such a great way to incorporate movement into your daily routines and stay active! More info.

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Theatre, Dance & Opera Workshops

The performing arts are a world of its own in Toronto. It’s filled with all sorts of people both eccentric and quiet, but these workshops connect all. Learn the art of being onstage with various intensive workshops that focus on finding your voice as a performer. Some classes include a Shakespeare Intensive or Grove Classes in and around the city. The honour is yours to find what calls to you! Take a look around the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts to learn more. More info.


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Chinese Art History Workshops

The delicate nature of Chinese brush painting takes years to master but anyone can get started on learning. This workshop offers a look into the essence of the long and rich history of Chinese brush painting for those who are interested. Regardless of cultural background, this workshop will enrich attendees into a new atmosphere that requires a high level of attention to detail. These classes are suitable for all ages and levels of experience to those who are willing to take on a challenge. More info.