With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve come up with 10 fun ideas to get us into the spirit of LOOOOVE. From crafting adorable Valentines cards for your friends to indulging in a night at the opera while sipping champers—we’ve got you, babe.

1.     Start a romantic tradition! We love the idea of this simple DIY project: cover two coffee mugs with chalkboard paint. Let dry. Then, adorn with love notes, movie quotes, drawings, whatever you like! A super fun, easy and sweet way to express fuzzy feelings for couples and friends alike. We especially adore thisthis and this mug design.

2.     See a show! Leave it to the professionals to captivate, entice and entertain you. A wonderful opportunity to dress up and immerse yourself in Toronto’s richest cultural offerings. We suggest treating yourself and your partner or BFF to the Valentine’s Day Package from the Canadian Opera Company, which includes tix to A Masked Ball, two glasses of bubbly and a chocolatey treat to finish off the night.

3.     Dress up, dress down! Start the night with a cheeky and sweet ensemble embellished with V-Day themed accessories (we love the ultra-glossy Ban.do smooch brooch and Ban.do sequin heart pins from Bicyclette Boutique.) As the night winds down, take them all off in true show girl fashion, leaving a glittery trail for your love.

4.     Indulge, indulge, indulge! Rule #1 of Valentine’s Day: SAY YES TO CHOCOLATE. With Skinny Cow‘s confectionary and frozen treats, we can indulge our sweet tooth without any guilt! Being good never tasted so good!

5.     Spa services are always a nice treat! Treat yourself to one or five of your favourite services. OR, book an a spa sesh for your love. Surprise him with a facial or massage. We highly suggest Ritual’s Brow WOW as a V-Day pick-me-up for yourself, and a Ritual Men’s Face Treatment paired with one of the amazing Oxygen Rituals for your Valentine… trust us, he’ll thank you later!

6.    Sneak in a pre-V-Day workout! Come on, girl, get those endorphins racing up in your brain! Nothing ignites romance like feeling amazing about yourself, and now you can look great while doing your thing with Lolë. Whether you’re a pilates junkie, cyclist or yogi, you’ll feel sexy and comfy in their duds, in and out of the gym.

7.     No date? No problem! Share the love with friends, strangers, whomever at Luma. This year, they’re all about Group Love. Forget tables of 2’s, they’re only taking reservations for groups of 3+ and offering a delish $50 set prix menu featuring share plates. Singles can mingle and dine at the harvest table for $25!

8.     Make your own DIY Valentine’s Day cards! Such a neat idea for friends, colleagues and your dogwalker. Here are some examples of our favourites. These nifty cards pair found objects with cheeky sayings! This clever batch incorporates photo booth props! Win Valentine’s Day by inserting your home-made card into a heart shaped envelope!

9.     Sexy coupons! Surprise your lovah with personalized sexy coupons. A fine way to step up your V-Day game and show off your slick photoshopping skillz (or, use an app) but take all the credit anyway. We used HP’s ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One to print our coupons and they turned out mighty slick!

10.   Create a mix tape, CD or playlist for your sweetheart! Easy and fun, this is a fantastic way to relive shared memories and the tunes that help define them.