Bahia Watson is an actress who also writes and produces her own work. She co-created and performs pomme is french for apple, a vaudevillian and distinctly West Indian exploration of “the absurdity of women’s lives in settings diverse as the islands, downtown Toronto, southeast London, and the too-tight crotch of the pants.” She will be doing her first Stratford season this year and produces her own podcast – Venus Hologram.

Watson stars in Crow’s Theatre production of  The Seagull a play about a family of artists struggling with desire, longing, and ambition –  which runs through until February 8th at the Berkeley St Theatre (26 Berkeley St). For more information and to purchase tickets visit here.

What spaces in Toronto do you find inspiring?

My chair. It lives in my kitchen, which resides on the west side. I also like my back lane. It’s been referred to as “Little Nicaragua” and gets that sweet, afternoon sun.

What aisle do you spend the most time in at the grocery store?

I always seem to get caught up in the oils and vinegars.

Which virtue do you try to cultivate within yourself?


The receipts in your wallet would indicate what?

I needed throat spray, margaritas and two stainless steel soup spoons (they are perfectly round and absolutely necessary).

If you could reinvent your career and be something totally different, what would that be?

A surfer.

When you dream about travel, what place in the world comes to mind?

I’ve always wanted to see Iran. Nigeria too. Brazil, of course. Morocco again.

What makes you happy?

The perfect breakfast sandwich.

What makes you cringe?


What quality do you loathe most in others?


What, in your opinion, is overrated?

Beards. they are often mistaken for personalities (beware).

How do you feel about life at this moment?

In the midst, an upswing. Pretty fly.

What quality do you value most in a lover?


What is your favourite thing to do on a Saturday?

I never pay attention to the days of the week, so I often forget that it’s Saturday until I get on the subway and everyone’s wasted and in high heels and I’m like oooooh. Right. Saturday.

What is your comfort food?

Dhal and rice.

What word or phrase should we all use more?

Pum pum powah. (It’s a feminist ting).


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