Taylor Stinson and Nathalie Sehgal make up The Girls on Bloor, a Toronto-based lifestyle blog co-authored by two roommates in their 20’s, living on Bloor Street – in the heart of the city. They have a passion for all things city living and review the best in Toronto nightlife, events, restaurants, and neighbourhoods (with a touch of lifestyle).

SDTC: What spaces in Toronto do you go to escape your regular routine?

TGOB: We love hiking at Evergreen Brick Works to escape the city life for a bit. Taylor is in grad school and Nathalie is working as a freelance PR and marketing professional, so we tend to have irregular routines anyway, and enjoy getting out of the house and away from the downtown area whenever we can. We also really enjoy lounging at Sugar Beach in the summer. It’s such a calm, quiet space but you’re immersed in the city at the same time!

What aisle do you spend the most time in at the grocery store?

Definitely the produce section. We try to eat really healthy, seasonal ingredients and naturally love fruits and vegetables. We’re also huge foodies, so we definitely spend a lot of time making sure that whatever we pick up is super fresh!

Which virtue do you try to cultivate within yourself?

We believe that whatever you put into something, you get out. We’re very hard workers first of all, but we try to remain down to earth and approachable girls that people our age can relate to. We started our blog to share what we love with others.

The receipts in your wallet would indicate what?

That we go to Starbucks far more than is necessary!

What did you think you were going to be when you were 8 years old?

TS: A teacher. I initially even went to university with the intentions of becoming a teacher but fell in love with writing, and now I’m taking my Masters in Journalism at Ryerson.

NS: I’m not sure. I saw my dad grow up with his own business and I’ve always admired that sense of entrepreneurship.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?

We wouldn’t trade Toronto for the world! We love living in this city and couldn’t imagine moving.

What makes you happy?

That time after a long hard day when we get to turn on the TV and relax together. We’re roommates and though we see each other often, we’re both so busy that we often don’t have a lot of time to just veg out together. When we can both break out the sweatpants and hang out in one of our bedrooms watching silly reality TV, we’re probably at our happiest.

What makes you cringe?

Laziness. We’re in our mid twenties, so whenever we see other people our age not taking advantage of the opportunities that come their way, or cannot be bothered to put themselves out there professionally, it’s definitely concerning. You’re at the prime of your life, so make connections while you’re young!

What quality do you loathe most in others?

People who are selfish or full of themselves. Sometimes in the media industry a select few people can forget what it’s like to be humble and grateful for their position!

What, in your opinion, is overrated?

Not following people back on social media. Of course you should want to be selective about who you follow, but we also love interacting with our readers, who are regular people just like us living in the city and trying new things. We want people to check us out and see what we’re doing, and we want to see what they’re doing. Some of our best tips on what new restaurant or ice cream parlour or cafe to try next have come from scanning our Instagram feed.


What frustrates you the most?

When people try too hard to self promote on social media without interacting with you first!

What quality do you value most in a lover?

Someone who is patient and understanding. We’re both freelancers at this stage in our careers, so we spend long hours each day working on various projects, and then write our blog in our spare time. We’ve both been lucky to have a lot of support in our personal lives though!

What is your favourite thing to do on a Saturday?

We love to go out for dinner or drinks at either a new hotspot that we haven’t yet tried, or one of our old favourites. As bloggers, we are constantly trying new places and discovering new favourite restaurants. One of our favourite spots to go on a Saturday night is Fonda Lola on Queen West!

What is your comfort food?

We can both safely say Mac and Cheese! We are obsessed. Poutine is probably a close second however.

What word or phrase should we all use more?

I need a drink.


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