Action Potential Lab, Toronto’s first space combining science and art, has an amazing Dissect & Draw workshop on June 23rd and it promises to be a LEGENDARY way to kick off your summer.

Why is it such a brag-worthy must-go? Well, here are 3 reasons:

1) You’re gonna go back it tiiiime:

Da, da, da, da, daaaaa….

You don’t need a DeLorean to re-experience the glory of a high school science class. This is a chance for a hands-on exploration of the anatomy of a cow. You’ll grab a scalpel and scrubs and learn all the amazing secrets of the heart and lungs. And this time you won’t have to worry about turning in a lab report.

2) It’ll draw you in

The second part of the workshop involves learning how to draw the anatomy, led by a professional medical illustrator of over 16 years, Kim Auchinachie.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 2.24.01 PM

Kim will introduce the techniques she uses to create educational, beautiful and engaging art.

3) You’ll get bragging rights

Your friends are talking about another okay evening on a crowded patio. Then you wow the crowd with your new fascinating (and sort of gross) knowledge. You’ll know as much about the heart as a Seattle Grace resident. And if we’ve learned anything from Grey’s Anatomy, doctors are VERY popular. Talk about a summer adventure!

Become the alpha nerd, the supremo science-tino, the smartist artist! Dissect & Draw happens on June 23rd at Action Potential Lab (451 Christie St).

Tickets are available at

Human heart vector