Shedoesthecity was delighted to play host to the 3rd Annual Haunted Mansion bash at the The Great Hall this past weekend. Three levels, each with laser-lit dance areas, were packed with binders full of women, sailors, boy scouts, fucked up prom queens, gunned ex-presidents, scantily clad superheroes and bare-chested dudes with carved pumpkins on their heads.

Built in 1889, the 30, 000sq ft historic building with its grand staircase, dark cloisters and dramatic theatre architecture made for a pretty great Haunted Mansion. Maybe that’s because it is haunted. Not long ago, The Great Hall was tested for paranormal activity; readings were off the charts. Good thing there were a couple Ghostbusters on hand!

Beyond the ghosts that have dwelled there since the 1930s, guests were greeted by dead cheerleaders and zombies creeped stairwells. We were eerily followed to the Disco Dungeon, which is where shit really got freaky.

When you get 800 costumed individuals together, alter egos takeover and things get crazy. Come 2am, grown man dressed as Honey Boo Boo had pulled his pants down and girls dressed as devils were licking his bare ass. Yeah, things got crazy; we’ll spare you that photo.

Thanks to all who made it out!

See photo gallery below.

Photos by Becca Lemire (Click to Enlarge)