One of the biggest arts festivals in the city launches this week, with an exciting lineup of music, dance, performance art, and theatre. Luminato Festival Toronto is running from June 5-16, kicking off the summer season with a memorable selection of multi-arts experiences happening across the city.

“From parks and sidewalks, to theatres, galleries and major transit locations, this year’s festival will be in neighbourhoods across the Toronto region and invites attendees to talk, laugh, dance, listen, create, and enjoy each other,” says Celia Smith, CEO of Luminato Festival Toronto.

Luminato is known for curating big, bold, innovative works of art, and for highlighting artists from Canada and around the world. This year is no exception. Many events or installations are free to attend, and several encourage audience interaction and community building—you never know what will inspire you or spark a conversation!

Here are some of the must-see performances, events and works of art to check out at Luminato over the next 12 days. 

Photo by Cassandra Popescu

Luminato in the Square

At the vibrant hub of Luminato, David Pecaut Square will be brought to life with 10 days of FREE performances, interactive experiences and more. Art, culture, and community will collide at this lively celebration in the heart of the city. Highlights include pop-up artisan markets, hands-on art-making, book nooks, and live performances from Haviah Mighty, Big Freedia, and K’naan. More info. 

When: June 7-16

Where: David Pecaut Square

Photo by Solomon Hughes

I Am from Reykjavik 

UK artist Sonia Hughes challenges audiences to reflect on their own place in the world at I Am from Reykjavik. Part-ceremony, part-sculpture, part-protest, Hughes builds and dismantles her home in a different location every day, offering an opportunity for introspection about the meaning of home, boundaries, building meaningful connections, and the resilience of the human spirit. More info. 

When: June 7-12

Where: Various Locations

Photo by Jesse Lindemann


This large-scale piece of ‘art-chitecture’ is all about living in the moment and appreciating the beauty around us. The magical message behind Evanescent will appeal to your playfulness and childlike wonder, and might just encourage you to put your phone aside. More info. 

When: June 5-16

Where: David Pecaut Square & Arnell Plaza, Bay Adelaide Centre


DJ Me Time blends fact and fiction in her latest immersive mashup, bringing together dance, theatre, and rave opera for a one-of-a-kind experience. The show tells the story of a futuristic wellness startup and a founder forced to face the music, inviting the audience to dance along to the drama. Whether you’re a seasoned raver or a complete novice, you’ll be swept away by the transformative power of R.A.V.E.! More info.

When: June 9-16

Where: Downsview Airport Lands

Photo by Thea Courtney

Age is a Feeling

Inspired by hospices, mystics, and trips to the cemetery, Age is a Feeling celebrates the glorious unknowability of human life. This never-the-same-twice show written and performed by Haley McGee is a gripping exploration of mortality and the joys and tragedies of getting older. McGee told us more about what to expect, including unique storylines chosen by the audience at each show! More info. 

When: May 29- June 23

Where: Soulpepper Theatre

Luminato Festival runs from June 5-16. See the full festival lineup here.