Canadian winters are dry and unforgiving. This is especially noticeable when it comes to our skin. Since we feel our best when our skin glows; here are 5 easy ways to help you achieve a healthy, supple complexion all winter long.

  1. Drink Water

Some experts say that drinking water doesn’t really give you glowing skin. We’re going to completely ignore them because while water may not be directly linked to a dewy complexion, its health benefits run deep, touching on just about everything that is directly linked to healthy skin.

If you’re properly hydrated, then you often don’t crave things that can be damaging to your skin, like caffeine, soda or sugar. Staying hydrated is also one of the easiest preventative measures to help combat seasonal colds. Further, it helps keep your digestion on track, another factor that is important for great skin. Did we mention a few glasses of water a day could also improve your mood? This is very important since bad moods = stress = crap skin. SO DRINK UP!

  1. Omegas

Avocados and almonds are year-round staples for healthy fatty acids, but in the winter, we amp up our Omega-3 intake with supplements like OCEANO³. Krill Oil contains astaxanthin, which is 300 times more potent than vitamins E and A, and helps to protect cell membranes from free-radical damage. Beyond creating glowing skin, Krill Oil has a whack of other health benefits.

  1. Humidifier

The cold, dry winter air can zap the moisture right out of your skin, leading to dryness, tightness, itchiness and flaking. (UGH!) Put moisture back into your home with a strategically placed humidifier! In the bedroom is where most people keep theirs, but we plug ours into the family room and home office. (Other bonuses include: better sleep conditions, healthier houseplants and reduced heating bill!)

  1. Moisturize

Find a deep oil-based moisturizer, especially for bedtime! Apply liberally.

  1. Green Tea

Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, a cup of green tea a day can do wonders for your skin. It’s also a lovely ritual to help add a slice of calm into a hectic schedule.