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5 YouTube Guided Meditation Channels for Beginners

When you’re first trying out meditation, there’s nothing quite so uninspiring / daunting as sitting on a pillow trying not to think. Meditation is hard, and doing it alone, in silence, when you don’t really know what you’re supposed to be, like, actually doing…is really hard. (What are you supposed to feel? What’s supposed to happen?)

But getting into the habit of trying is worth it. Even a few weeks of meditating for 10–20 minutes per day can bring benefits like improved sleep and better stress management.

If you’re resolving to get into the habit this year, check out these 5 YouTube channels that post beginner-friendly guided meditations on the regular:

Hay House Presents: Monday Meditations

Hay House is a book publisher for all things self-development with a spiritual slant. Their YouTube channel features guided meditations every Monday hosted by some of the biggest names in inspirational lit today – Louise Hay, Sonia Choquette, Doreen Virtue etc. If you welcome some woo woo in your meditation practice, check out Hay House’s selection.

The Honest Guys Guided Meditations & Relaxation Music

For practical, results-driven meditations, the Honest Guys is my go-to. With meditations like “30-Minute Sleep Talkdown,” and “Uplifting Affirmations To Start the Day,” these are straightforward, guided meditations you can start with a desired goal and finish with a clear idea of how your mindset has changed.

Positive Magazine Meditations

Here you’ll find a range of 10-minute guided meditations to help you deal with things like anxiety, depression, sleeping problems, feelings of insecurity, procrastination, and a lot more.

Michael Sealey

Mr. Sealy is a hypnotist and his voice will lull you into a state of serious relaxation. He’s got guided meditations with purposes ranging from practice to esoteric – think: weight loss and teeth grinding to lucid dreaming and meeting your inner child. If you’re into the idea of going on a journey of the mind, this guy can help.

The Jason Stephenson Meditation Channel

Relaxation is the goal on this channel. If you want to unwind before bed, start the day with clarity, release some stress or ease a headache during your workday, Jason likely has a video for it. He’s been making videos on his channel consistently for four years. Bonus: he’s got a delightful Australian accent.


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