Last week, 500 women corralled on Bloor Street for Chick Advisor and Fashion Magazine’s annual Shopcrawl fashion extravaganza. First stop was outside the Bata Shoe Museum, where a bright red 2014 Ford Fiesta was lit up like a star. Free make-up touch-ups were offered by Fiesta cosmeticians for a glamourous red carpet “step and repeat.” We were then given a Shopcrawl Passport that outlined all the stops on our exciting fashion journey: H&M, Gap, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Jacob, Guess, Pandora and Nine West. Upon arrival, our passport was stamped to gr ant us our exclusive discount.

Having never participated before, I wasn’t sure what to expect and imagined a hectic mob raiding clothing racks in a complete fashion frenzy. To my surprise and delight, it was a relaxing experience that I enjoyed with friends at my own pace. And the discounts were UNREAL! In many stores, our 20% discount was loaded up on top of existing sale prices! I got an entirely new wardrobe of Calvin Klein lingerie for $120!

Ford Fiestas circled the Bloor Street stretch to surprise us with Shopcrawl Survival Kits full of fun goodies. I needed the facial tissues and devoured the Hershey’s Chocolate Almond bar. Beyond the surprise treats, Ford Fiesta kindly chauffeured us to the after party at The Bata Shoe Museum.

Over cocktails and mini-mani’s, my friends and I compared our purchases. (Yep, I totally found the best stuff). With two floors full of women, the Maynards candy table was ravaged. Pretty sure I ate, like, 34 Swedish Berries.

I was feeling pretty content with my haul and then, upon leaving, was gifted with the heaviest swag bag EVER! Guys, this Shopcrawl is a major score.

Check out all the photos in the gallery below and be sure to buy a ticket next year!