6 Escapist Films To Watch When You Can’t Afford A Vacay

The summer’s winding down, and you said you’d do some travelling this year before it got cold, but first you had to fix your bike and then you dropped your phone in a toilet and then you went down to part-time hours at work and spent it all on beer anyway… whoops. Here are some movies to transport you around the world instead, because plane tickets ain’t cheap, but popcorn is!

1) Before Sunrise
Depending on what country and mood you’re in, the Before Sunrise trilogy has something for everyone. Want whirlwind romance in Vienna? Before Sunrise. Want surprise reunions in the city of love? Before Sunset is your man. Want to cry your eyes out and believe that love can be real even after all that? Before Midnight will take you to the Italian hills AND provide all of the above. Plus: Delpy. In the words of Beyonce: Goddamn Goddamn.

2) The Darjeeling Limited
If you want to be transported, you know Wes Anderson’s got your back. Get your siblings together and make this one a family trip!

3) The Trip To Italy
Travel with two of the funniest men in Britain in this escapist sequel to their earlier hit about a trip around England’s Lake District. Learn a thing or two about Romantic poets and sing along with Brydon and Coogan to Alanis Morissette as they drive through Tuscany to the south of Italy and eat food that looks so good you could lick the screen. Bonus: this one is in theatres now, so your vacay includes A/C!

4) Lost In Translation
What Bill Murray actually says to Scarlett Johansson at the end of this beautiful, melancholic travel flick is “Flights to Japan are crazy expensive. Next time just Netflix it.”

5) Midnight in Paris
One of several “would love to travel AND time travel” films on this list (what can we say, the past seems just about as cool as any contemporary destination), this film transports us back to the jazz age in Paris. Join Owen Wilson as he cavorts with Hemingway and the Fitzgeralds and returns to real life Paris which is just as beautiful.

6) Sense and Sensibility
This start-studded Austen romcom  is basically Beautiful Old Manorhouse Porn, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Watch Hugh Grant stutter his way through courting Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet cry hysterically before ending up with the love of her life (and all our lives), Alan Rickman. Hear witticisms and wonder about undergarments in those empire waist gowns, and dream about booking a trip to England.


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