There are some that consider ice-skating in -23 weather to be a whimsical experience. But if shooting pains in your frozen toes and a wind-burned face sound terrible, then perhaps take a cue from the cozy Chihuahua (pictured above) and hibernate. 

Here are six things that will make nestling in your bed a luxurious treat!

1. Lazypants

Made in Canada, Lazypants win for the most comfortable “I-don’t-give-a-fuck” loungewear. Get a pair for you and your lover. And then dry hump each other on the sofa while watching reruns of Seinfeld. #couplestherapy

2. Philips goLITE BLU

Feeling SAD? Blend a margarita in your NutriBullet and stare into this light for a few minutes each day. It’s like a mini vacay to Bermuda, but without the fear of contracting Chikungunya. Includes Treatment Time Indication to monitor daily usage for best results. Priced at $199.99; your mental health is worth at least that.

3. Docs on Netflix

So that you don’t feel like a total sloth, keep the mind sharp with smart documentaries. Here are some of our favourites on current rotation: 20 Feet from Stardom, Ai WeiWei, Being Elmo, First Position, Queen of Versailles, Searching for Sugar Man, Spinning Plates, Up the Yangtze.

4. VIJ’s Delhi-licious Chips from Neal Brothers

OMG, Vij knows…gimme. Best chips in the biz. Less spicy options here. 

5. Order In

Um, were you aware that you could order a Hey Meatball sandwich for delivery? Tacos from Fonda Lola? A Utopia burger? ANYTHING YOU WANT in your mouth, while in your bed, is right here.

6. Next Issue

This is the Netflix of the magazine world. Vanity Fair, Dwell, VOGUE, Flare, Esquire, People: Get on my iPad NOW. Sign up for a free 30-day trial now and by the time your trial is up, it might even be Spring.