She’s conquered low-end with the 69 Vintage Collective on Bloor, her Queen St. store sits comfortably in the middle, now 69 Vintage owner (and reigning queen of the Toronto vintage scene) Kealan Sullivan is doing high end.

Nestled in a small hideaway just off of Queen Street on 198 Walnut, Kealan Sullivan’s latest vintage store,V, is transporting us back in time. Sullivan introduced the store’s first theme, “The Victory Gardens,” with an intimate launch party on Thursday, May 12th.

As vintage lovers crowded into the cozy space, Sullivan presented an emporium filled with diaphanous dresses, finely crocheted lace, and dustbowl era straw hats that would catch anyone’s eye.

V differs drastically in feel from the other 69 Vintage offerings because of its emphasis on well curated pieces. The most striking difference is that the price is infinitely higher than anything you may find at the other locations. Blouses and some trousers are in the $60-90 range, while dresses sell for anywhere in the $150-300 range. Why so expensive? The reason for this is evident in the quality of the clothes; they’re well preserved and well made, with repairs done by the store’s seamstress.

Just touching a silky red-violet kimono is enough to conjure up fantasies of being an eccentric heiress living a life of luxury in her decaying, dilapidated mansion. The price tag? $525.  This is definitely vintage for the serious collector.

At times, V can feel more like a hybrid between art gallery and museum. You want to treat the pieces with a certain type of reverence reserved for priceless works of art, and forget that, yes, you can touch and yes, you can wear these garments.

Some pieces date back to the Victorian era and are complimented by true-to the aesthetic decor (we especially loved the pitchfork on the wall as well as Sullivan’s accessory displays).

However, these sweet clothes won’t last for long. On June 1st, V will completely overhaul its romantic garden party meets prairie sensibility into something completely different. What it is going to be? We don’t know yet–but we’re excited for June. 

~ Natasha Hunt