8 Cool Classes To Take Because Why The Heck Not

Do you have some free time that you’d like to spend doing something other than lying in a darkened bedroom, binge watching Hemlock Grove on Netflix? Looking to meet some new people and spend your time honing or learning a new skill? Our city is filled with a countless number of recreational classes on a plethora of topics that you can take to do exactly those things! You can expand your horizons and add a little pizazz into your life by taking a class! A CLASS! Check out some of the things I would take if I had free time.

Learn to Cook Indian Food!
If you Google “cooking classes in Toronto”, you can find a selection of cooking classes throughout the GTA that are affordable and interesting, but why not immerse yourself in the culinary lessons of a culture you would otherwise never attempt to make at home? I would choose to learn to cook Indian food. Here is a great website for classes where you can do just that!

Life Drawing Classes
You don’t have to be a skilled artist to take a life drawing class. In fact, the less you know the more you can learn, right? Check the Toronto Art School for life drawing classes, as well as several other options for art classes to feed your artistic soul.

Belly Dancing Classes
Haven’t you ever wanted to wear a belt that jingles when you shake dat thang? We all have, and now is your chance. Hannan’s Bellydance Studio offers classes for beginners as well as some for those more experienced in the art of the belly dance. It’s time to celebrate that body!

Meditation Classes
Sometimes we all need to learn how to calm down. Taking a meditation class is a great way to practise finding inner peace and stillness throughout your hectic week. Meditation Toronto offers you a place to learn and practise your meditation for FREE.

Writing Classes
Whether you’re already a writer or have been thinking about starting that memoir for years, writing classes are a great place for you to get the ball rolling. Not only will you be given exercises to spark your imagination, taking classes will help you to cultivate a daily writing routine. You’ll receive feedback and guidance, and at the end of the sessions you’ll likely find that you have a new piece of writing to be polished. A concise list of classes and workshops that are available can be found here.

Learn To Shoot Guns
You can learn to shoot guns if you want to. Just don’t shoot them outside of your course, please.

Make Chocolate!
Like, why would any of us not do this? CHOCOLATE. Learn the tricks of the trade of making chocolate treats and become the most popular person at every potluck you go to, and your very own new best friend.

Learn to be a Photographer
You’ve mastered the selfie, now it’s time to learn to point, shoot and edit. GTA Photography offers weekly and weekend intensive photography classes in a number of different areas including, but not limited to portraiture, food photography, travel photography and night photography

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