I’m having an affair. I’m so deep in it. I pay for it every time but I can’t help myself. Plus it’s only $5.

Friends, I’m in love with a smoothie.

It’s not just any smoothie, either. I’m on a bit of an aggressive blended drinks streak as of late–a blender bender, if you will–having just invested (okay, forced my father to invest) in a Vitamix, universally agreed upon to be the king of all blenders. That thing makes hot soup, guys. HOT SOUP! Plus morning bevs that are full of kale but taste like dreams. I’m over the moon and nothing can stop me!

Except Saving Gigi‘s “I’m not gonna fall for the old banana in the tail pipe” smoothie delight. Good lord. Coconut milk, banana, cinnamon, maple syrup, and, crucially, espresso. Like, hi good morning everything is fine. It’s a great breakfast, hangover cure, afternoon refresher, sweet treat, boyfriend, you get it. I’m moving into a new home down the street from my beloved SG, and I’m not saying I moved to be closer to this smoothie, but I’m not NOT saying that, if you catch my drift.

NB: this is not a sponsored post but rather a spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions reflected in tranquility. That’s right: this smoothie is Wordsworth’s definition of the Sublime. (Although if Saving Gigi felt like giving me free smoothies for life I would not object, just saying, you guys.)