This Thursday, the legendary Lady Miss Kier of Deee-Lite will DJ Yonge & Eligible’s Six Degrees Night Club. Yes, it was my stomping ground in the nineties but no, I haven’t been dancing at Yonge and Eglinton since I buzzed off my hair and got carded at Shark City in ’98. HOWEVER, I will MOST DEFINITELY be heading northbound this week to get jiggy with fellow thirty-somethings as we reminisce this now ‘retro’ decade with our favourite 90s anthems. (How cool did that last sentence sound?)

This new monthly will bring in big names from the nineties (Vanilla Ice? Right Said Fred? Rick the Temp?) and who better to kick things off than Lady Miss Kier? Groove is in the Heart was constantly on repeat while I smoked joints and mopped the hardwood floors of my first apartment. When I think back to that time, I’m pretty sure I was wearing snug raver pants and a baby-tee that said something stupid like, Hubba Bubba. I won’t be wearing that come Thursday, but I will go apeshit when she plays her hit song that became synonymous with 90s dance-rave culture.

Now here’s a fun 90s Q&A with Lady Miss Kier that will take you back.

Do you remember when you discovered the internet?
I read about it in 1987 and wrote a song about it called “electric shock” that same year.

What outfit did you rock in the 90s that you would NEVER wear today?
Probably a backpack that looked like a fluffy monkey.

What/where was the most fun club / dance party you headlined in the 90s?
Probably a rave I helped to promote in a Maryland state park called THE EMERALD FOREST

What, in your opinion, is a film that you will always associate with the 90s?
I never saw it but there was a sci-fi film that used Deee-lite to draw a crowd for a party in the future. The director didn’t shoot us or put us in the film but they paid us to play a free block party in LA (very rare) for a movie named “strange days.” I don’t know if the film was good or bad but the party and crowd were outstanding.

What do you miss about that decade?
My innocence, which was lost around the time my record label asked me to read a book entitled “The Hitman” as well as finding out the telecommunications bill was passed.

If you could go back in time, is there a chapter in the 90s you’d want to revisit? Experience again?
When I reflect on my past, I never want to return there.

Can you tell us about an insane party you went to back in the day? Who was there and where it was held?
It was a party at Timothy Leary’s house. I met several interesting people that night, some of which I am still in touch with.

In 1992, what were you most likely doing on a regular Saturday?
Writing music, designing costumes for the INFINITY WITHIN tour, choreographing new steps for that second album, which the label decided was too political to promote and therefore pulled the plug on. I was very busy that year making preparations for that tour.

What will you be playing for this epic 90s party soon approaching?
All 90’s good time dance music, some rave anthems, some acid house, some classic hip hop, and even a few rock tunes ALL FROM THE EARLY 90s!

We are so there.

Six Degrees is at 2335 Yonge St. north of Eglinton. 9pm – 3am.
Tickets are $20 and can be purchased here.

~ Jen McNeely