Written & Directed By Atom Egoyan

Atom Egoyan’s new film is a complex, layered effort, weaving together a host of modern buzz topics into one intriguing, haunting narrative. The plot follows a high school student, Simon (Devon Bostick), orphaned at a young age and being raised in Toronto by his young uncle (a hunky, bearded Scott Speedman). When a french class translation assignment leads Simon to imagine himself as the son of a convicted terrorist, his mysterious french teacher encourages him to pursue the fantasy as a drama exercise. Simon leaks his project on to the internet, and sparks a fury amongst both those closest to him, shocked to discover his ‘father’s’ identity as a man whose ill-fated plan involved placing a bomb on his unsuspecting, pregnant wife and trying to put her on a plane to Bethlehem, and amongst a community of people who were aboard the plane that was almost attacked. As the film escalates, the parallels between this tale of religious zeal and Simon’s own family history become clear. As identities are revealed, and family secrets raised, Simon’s desire to lose himself in the fantasy becomes as clear as it is destructive. Integrating themes of race, religion, terrorism, bigotry, and family together, Egoyan examines modern assumptions of multiculturalism and tolerance, through the experiences of some complex characters. The dream-like, romantic cinematography adds to the films ethereal quality, giving the illusion of experiencing the story through the eyes of its conflicted characters. Toronto cinephiles will be excited by familiar locales like the Canary Diner, and the film is sure to spark conversation amongst viewers both new to and familiar with Egoyan’s work.