If you’re seeking a truly special gift that isn’t going to be tossed come March or one that offers much more than a sexy giggle, then head to the AGO shop and browse the assortment of home items, art books and smart design thingamajigs that will surely become cherished treasures.

Here are eight items that sweetly whisper, “I love you and think you are pretty special.”

1. Andy Warhol

For your pop art sweetheart

In his bravura account of Warhol`s life and work, scholar and culture critic Wayne Koestenbaum gets past the contradictions and reveals the man beneath the blond wig and dark glasses. We think you should adorn wig and iconic specs when gifting this salacious read.

2. Hand Blown Sempli Tumblers

For slow sensual sips by candlelight

Hand blown Sempli tumblers can enhance the sensory pleasure of drinking brandy or whiskey. Constructed to fit perfectly in your hand, the glass naturally works to warm your beverage. Turn on some Leonard Cohen, sip, smooch and slow dance.

3. Georg Jensen Cheese Board with Knife

Wine and cheese and lotsa sex

Designer Helle Damkjaer was inspired by the French and their love of gastronomy — particularly cheese. This oak cutting board and stainless steel cheese knife are essential to any kitchen. Uncork the merlot, savour some fine cheese and follow with hot oil massage. (Brush your teeth first.)

4. Hug Salt and Pepper Shaker

How cute is this?

Every time you sprinkle salt on your dinner you will remind him or her that you care. #Awww

5. ‘Past-Present-Future’ watch by Daniel Will-Harris

Stop time and live in the moment

Yes, this watch will get your love to his or her appointment on time but it is also a constant reminder to live in the present. Here is to a year full of magical moments.

6. Edward Steichen: In High Fashion – The Conde Nast Years 1923 – 1937

Add a little Vanity Fair to Valentine’s

The AGO Shop has a wonderful assortment of art and design books but this is definitely one that would capture our imagination. Edward Steichen was already a famous painter and photographer in America and abroad when, in early 1923, he was offered the most prestigious position in photography’s commercial domain, that of chief photographer for Vogue and Vanity Fair. Get lost in a different era and channel Greta Garbo the next time you begin your dance of seduction.

7. “I Love You, OK?” Gary Taxali Artist Monograph

A clever way to say I Love You

If something super sexy or über romantic is a bit daunting, this book of illustrations by Gary Taxali is the perfect way to play it low key but in good taste for the contemporary art aficionado in your life. Forewords by Aimee Mann & Shepard Fairey.

8. Gary Taxali ‘Slots: Las Vegas’ Limited Edition Artist Series AKMG Skateboard Deck.

The gift that will wow your partner and any dinner guest that enters his or her home

Each incredible deck comes hand-signed and numbered (edition of 15) by Gary Taxali and is printed with a heat laminate transfer on Canadian maple. If you give this, you are officially the coolest girlfriend EVER.

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