Valentine’s Day need not be a saccharine slop fest of drug store chocolate and dinners at overcrowded restos!

This year, why not incorporate some cannabis into your Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Solo Vibes Day? We chatted with Alison Gordon, CEO of 48 North Cannabis Co., about how to do just that.

SDTC: Why cannabis over a typical romantic dinner?

AG: Cannabis experiences tend to be more uplifting and fun. Your senses are heightened and you can open your mind to the world around you in a different and more creative and connected way.

The right strain of cannabis should be relaxing for you, and if I’m in a stress loop, using cannabis takes me out of that mindset and helps me get perspective. I don’t think you have to choose between cannabis and dinner–eating high is a whole other great experience!

Studies have shown that cannabis use can help relationships by opening up the lines of communication and reducing stress inhibitors. It’s time to elevate your Valentine’s Day this year!

What strain should I use with my partner and why?

For a fun, high-energy night with your partner, I would definitely go for a strain in the sativa or sativa-dominant family. Sativas are nicknamed the “day-time” cannabis as they tend to give you a euphoric, happy, energetic experience and won’t put you to sleep! Some people have also reported that sativas give a boost to their sex lives.

Strain preference is a personal choice and everyone will be affected differently by dosage, THC and CBD levels. If you’re a novice cannabis user, I would suggest a strain with a lower THC (around 10%) with some CBD (CBDs balance out the high) like Dancehall. If you’re a more experienced user than you can play around with higher THC strains like Jesus OG or the Sour OG.

What about for hanging with my buds?

If you’re looking to chill out with your ladies, then a strain from the indica or indica-hybrid family is definitely the way to go. The indica experience is more of that laughy, lazy, hazy vibe that we more typically associate with cannabis. A great indica strain for a newbie looking to have a fun Valentine’s night without stepping too far outside their comfort zone would be Sensi Star or Cupid (just because). If you’re looking to go a little bit higher, then I would recommend the Kosher Kush or Pink Kush. Lift up that girls night!

For solo adventures?

That’s the beauty of a night to yourself—you can choose whatever experience you want from the choices above! A solo night on the town or a chilled-out bath with candles and your favourite Pink Floyd album. No compromises required!

What are your top three Toronto destinations for a cannabis-friendly V-Day?

Ripley’s Aquarium: Colours, lights, thousands of neon jelly fish, walking through shark tanks…need I say more? It’s a great place to take a trip to another world.
Graffiti Alley: Bundle up and take a walk to Graffiti Alley. The city’s sights and sounds are a great backdrop to a cannabis experience. Graffiti Alley is a fabulous destination to let your mind wander and get your creative juices flowing.
Home sweet home: What I love most is hanging at home with the people I love. Whether it’s a dinner party, a sexy bath or a cozy movie in bed, I always prefer to use cannabis in a safe environment where I can control the vibe (and music!).