Laura Thipphawong‘s new exhibit, All in a Sea Of Wonder, is opening at Coldstream Fine Art (80 Spadina, Suite 208) this Saturday. Her work focuses on the critical theory of violence, sexuality, and abject psychological elements in visual culture and folklore.

For this series, Thipphawong pieces together and personalizes archetypal images (using her research in Jungian psychoanalysis of folklore and fairy tales) to create allegories of fear, exploration, and transformation within a world of chaos.

“Learning to live with fear has been the ever-evolving consequence of my childhood, and accordingly, the foundation of my adult life,” writes Thipphawong. Through exploring these fears, she believes we can subvert them and face “terrifying obstacles with open eyes staring brazenly into the darkness.”

The Toronto-based artist will be giving a brief talk during the opening at 3 p.m. All in a Sea of Wonders runs from April 6th to 29th.