We were so excited to see everyone’s mouth-watering, ice-cream-dripping-down-your-arm answers for SDTC’s summer taste poll . In fact, summer flavours are some of my favourites. All of the bright, fresh flavors that can only come from seasonal ingredients make every meal a delicious dream. Not to mention that just about any fruit tastes amazing when it’s blended into a frosty margarita.

This summer we’ve featured everything from creamy-crunchy ice cream sandwiches to the ultimate New Brunswick lobster roll that will have you feeling the salty sea air from downtown TO. The secret to the perfect summer flavor is simple. In fact, K.I.S.S. says it best, “Keep It Simple Stupid.” With just a touch of mayonnaise, a spritz of fresh lemon juice or a sprinkling of freshly picked basil, you are on your way to amazing summer meals.  

Then there is the Granddaddy of all summer side dishes; the classic, the tasty, the perfect potato salad. I was so thrilled to see that readers gave it a shout out, since it is a staple in my kitchen. It requires so few ingredients, and is a great way to use up leftover odds and ends of vegetables in the fridge. Finally, to end on a sweet but healthy note, check out our 3 must-make Guilt-Free Frozen Summer Desserts for Perez Hilton’s site FitPerez! Each dessert is fast to make and figure-friendly so you don’t have to worry about that bikini bod.  

Happy Summer Cooking! XO

~ Amanda Garbutt