Guess what? It’s not even December and we are done our holiday shopping. Ring the gong, this is a first! Typically, we are the ones tearing around the Eaton Centre on Christmas Eve, waiting in lines, feeling dizzy, panicked and dehydrated carrying eight enormous bags and wearing puffy coats that have us sweating like we’re in a hot yoga class. Not anymore! This year Amex Canada approached us with a challenge: Use their cool Hot 100 Wishlist on Facebook to help organize our gift giving and then use our American Express Card to conquer all of our holiday shopping online.

They graciously offered a budget of $1,000 to click around and have fun (Guess we’ve been good this year!).  With no wee ones waiting for Santa to come down the chimney, this gave us a wonderful opportunity to split the budget in half and go wild on Toys R’ Us for kids in Toronto who maybe weren’t going to get their wishlist filled without some outside help.  Dressed in flannel jammies, with Bing Crosby in the background and a mug of steamy peppermint mocha bliss in our hand, we got down to business. It was the best.

So, what is the Amex Hot  100 Wishlist and how do I use it?
From the riveting Steve Jobs’ biography to  House of Harlow’s Orlina Leopard Clutch (want!), the Amex Hot 100 is a comprehensive list that has amalgamated gifts from every category into one fun app that easily allows you to put together your holiday gift list or personal wishlist. Once that is done, share it with your friends (or hint, hint, hint) and make holiday gifting a fun experience.

Who made the list?
It’s probably best if you check it out for yourself. But in a nutshell, it’s all there. From the latest tech gizmos for ‘early adapters’ to cozy cable-knit sweaters and organic beauty products; you will weave together all the elements so that you know exactly what to get everyone. Shedoesthecity has put our stamp of approval on a few of our favourite gifts on the Hot 100. What would make your list?

Can I shop directly from the Amex Hot 100 list?
No, it’s not a shopping site, but it will definitely help you get ‘er done. Even if you don’t choose all your gifts from the list itself, it will help sort out your holiday list by sparking the imagination. If you do want to shop right away and avoid mall madness, then with a few clicks you can feed into the sites you like and shop away!

Ready for your challenge?
Now that our shopping is done (yep, that’s us bragging) we challenge you to use the Amex Hot 100 list! Can you beat our two hours? CHALLENGE! (Said like: Chaaaallllloooonge!)
Why Rudolph, why did we ever do it differently? Our online experience was nothing short of MAGNIFICENT. And now we just sit and wait for the cute Purolator dude to show up.

No more chaos! No more panic!
But what if someone steals my password? Or identity? Or I don’t get it in time? What if EVERYTHING GOES WRONG??? NO. NO. NO. And relax! That’s not how it works anymore, chica. Secure, efficient and easy…I mean, hey, WE’RE DONE and we haven’t even ripped open our advent calendar. Nom. Nom. Nom.

There’s only one word to describe how we are feeling about the holidays right now: Boooooooooyakashaaaaaah!  You’ll understand quickly why this is the way to do Chrismakkuah this year.

Figgy pudding all ’round!
xo Shedoesthecity and our seasonal happy elves.