We descended into a subterranean room within American Apparel’s Queen West location and were met with a flurry of hot employees playing dress-up while munching on carrot sticks. They were mix and matching AA’s vibrant spring & summer collection to create a hot tramp look for the American Apparel fashion show happening at the America’s Next Top Model Live Expo in Toronto this weekend.

Models from the all star season will be in attendance to kinda hype up all things that fit into the realm of modelling and juicy reality TV. We are still not totally sure how to explain what exactly is happening but do know that Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre will be swarmed by pretty young things looking to get scouted. Naturally, the extravaganza is being billed as “Fun, Fierce and Fabulous!” Or model mayhem.

Press release describes the upcoming scene as:

A spectacular shopping, fashion and beauty event for the fun, and fashionably fabulous. ANTM Live offers an insider’s look into the alluring world of fashion, beauty and modelling. At ANTM Live be captivated by engaging one-of-a-kind features, while enjoying a weekend of incredible shopping, entertainment, pampering, fashion and beauty tips.

Interested? Get show info and event schedule here: antmlivetoronto.com 

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If you don’t get scouted at the expo then swing by American Apparel’s Yonge & Dundas store on Sunday (4-9pm) because Lookbook Cookbook will be there handing out vegan treats while attendees put on their best vacant sex stare to potentially become the next face of American Apparel.

Pose, strut and work it, girl. And in the meantime, check out Crystal’s gold hot pants in photo gallery below or our late night visit to the American Apparel basement. Sexy times.

~ Jen McNeely

Photos by Becca Lemire (Click to Enlarge)