Friends, Amex challenged me to buy all my gifts online this year and I can honestly say that when it comes to holiday shopping, I will never return to the mall. By using the American Express Hot 100 Wishlist as my starting point, I was able to organize my thoughts when it came to gift-giving for my entire family, then visited my chosen online merchants, made my orders and everything was delivered to my door within one week. The proof is in the photo above: All Christmas gifts wrapped and ready before the rush has even begun! This has never happened. All of a sudden, I have something that I have never had this time of year: Time to actually enjoy the season. I may even try baking! Again, this has never happened. Raise your eggnog, I’m toasting to a stress-free holiday!

And you can do it too. There is still lots of time!

Step 1: Go to the American Express Hot 100 Wishlist
Surf through 100 gifts and make a list of what you like and what you think other members of your family will like. 
Step 2: Once your list is made, share it with friends and family and see if they like what you chose (and so that they know what you want this holiday season). 
Step 3: Set aside a couple hours in the evening. Brew some tea, get into cozy clothes and start clicking around on shopping sites. The American Express Hot 100 Wishlist will certainly lead you to sites within every gift category be it Roots for stylish winter gear, for the fashion lover in your life, McNally Robinson for the bookworm or Toys R Us for the kidlets. Even if you don’t use these sites, they sort of act as a starting point to navigate the wild and expansive online world. It can be daunting, which is why the American Express Hot 100 Wishlist is a perfect place to start. 
Step 4: Buy your gifts and wait.

Ta-da! I have to say, this is a most satisfying feeling, especially when the Canada Post man rings my doorbell.

All done. Now I just need a tree to place all my gifts under. And this year, that will happen.

So, what shall I bake?

~ Jen McNeely