Augusta Ave is slowly expanding South towards Dundas, and its newest addition, at 167 Augusta Ave, is the Anice Jewelry Store. Named after the owner and creator Brittany Hopkins’ inspirational grandmother, Anice, the store is a beautiful place filled with one-of-a-kind jewelry. The shop had its launch party just last Thursday and now Brittany says that she is settling in. She fittingly described her style with these three words: Whimsical, Natural, Treasures.

I had a wonderful chat with Brittany, and she told me about her journey from Edmonton, through school as a goldsmith and finally her epiphany about opening a shop. The shop, she says, was a natural progression of the business. She didn’t expect it of her future, though her mother will say that she always knew. And just as Brittany wanted, it has a very homey feel, jewelry hanging all around and her own furniture making it warm and comforting. I found that each time I walked around the store I would notice a new piece or section. And as you look closer you get to see small details on each piece of jewelry. She also does custom works, and the shop acts as a wonderful place for inspiration for that too. Or you could stop in for a jewelry workshop to fix your own piece or create something new.

Every piece that she makes is a one of kind, re-made treasure, with semi-precious stones or freshwater pearls. Many of them even include pieces which used to belong to Anice, making them all the more special and adding a touch of love to each. The jewelry really speaks to Brittany’s motto of “Old pieces, New love.”

– Molly Grove @mollyalice99