It’s getting cold out and we thought you could use a little warm-up.

We recently partnered with We-Vibe—the ultimate pleasure producers—to host AROUSE, our biggest EVER erotica writing contest. You delivered the sexy; and we’re rolling out the top ten entries we received.

This is Wet by Sonya Kassen

We take off all our clothes first.

He watches as I push my jeans and underwear to the floor, pull off my top. The room is cold but pressing my bare skin against his makes me hot right away. We collapse onto his bed, kissing. I try not to let myself smell the pillowcases because he never washes them. Sometimes I wonder what other girls’ heads have been pushed against these pillows.

He starts to suck on my tongue, our bodies pressed against each other from collarbone to toes, and I feel him getting hard. I love that feeling. Knowing he’s hard because of me, he wants me, his body is ready for me. But first, he says: “I want to look at you.” I know what this means.

Obediently, I go on all fours above him, with my ass in his face. I feel him pull my ass cheeks apart and I know he is exploring me, looking at me, the most intimate parts of me, devouring me with his eyes. “I like looking at you,” he says, and runs his fingers around my clit. Then I feel him pulling me apart again, and I wait. His tongue grazes my asshole, then flicks it. I am covered in gooseflesh. I can’t imagine putting my lips, my tongue on his ass but I love that he’ll do it to me. He is lapping me up, hungry. I dig my fingers into the thin sheets, pulling them towards me, moaning. He takes his mouth away then slaps my ass. The noise fills the small room and I spread my legs further, lowering myself to him.

Now his thigh is in my face and I lick it. He tastes like salt and sweat. I stroke his cock below me. Hard, pulsating, perfect. He pulls the lips of my pussy apart and I imagine that I am nothing but these two open holes for him right now and he can do whatever he wants to me. He will stick his hard cock into me over and over and I will swallow him whole. I feel him push a thick finger into my pussy and I can hear how wet I am. He makes me so wet every time. He slides more fingers in, then out, in then out of me. I like that I can’t see what he’s doing, only feel it. I squeeze my muscles around his fingers as they thrust in and out, telling him how much I want him. Now he presses a thumb against my asshole, his other hand never leaving my pussy. At first I can’t let him in. I hear him lick his thumb and then place it, wet, against my ass and when he presses I open up and take him in. Moaning. Both holes now filled. My back is slick with sweat as I grind into his hands. He moves his fingers in and out of me faster now and I grunt because I can take it and I want more.

“Put me in your mouth,” he says. I lick the tip before sliding his whole cock into my mouth. I suck it to the same rhythm he’s using on me, fast. Now this hole is filled too and I am so fucking turned on, I know I’m close and I imagine him fucking me in the street at night with other men watching and their cocks get hard too because what we are doing is so fucking hot, and I suck him harder. I feel him get even bigger in my mouth and then he starts rubbing my clit while pushing his thumb deeper into my ass. He’s rubbing my clit ferociously, only pausing to finger my wet, wet pussy. I love this cock in my mouth, and being on all fours, and I feel the spasms start low inside me and I release his cock, spit running down my chin and suddenly there is a wave of – yes yes yes yes fuck yes, I’m clawing at the bed, my hips are bucking, I throw my head back and the louder I am the better it is so I fucking scream and he keeps rubbing my clit and I come again until I collapse on top of him. Sweaty, dizzy, electric.