This past summer, we partnered with We-Vibe to host AROUSE: a nation-wide erotica writing contest. Your delicious submissions detailed a multitude of fantasies, and after carefully reviewing nearly a hundred dirty stories, we sent the top ten to our judges, who then selected the winning entries. 

For the next several weeks, we will be sharing our top ten picks, so pop over to We-Vibe to find a stimulating pleasure product to augment your reading experience!

We’re going to kick things off with our second-place winner: Chemistry by Kaye Forres. Enjoy.


It’s midnight, and Adam’s spread out across Ella’s bed, lying on his stomach wearing nothing but a pair of wash-faded jeans. He’s too long for her single dorm bed. His bare feet stick off the end, waving idly when he stretches, like a cat, extending his entire body and then settling back into the warmth of her blankets. Her best pillow has been squished into service under his crossed arms, and he’s resting his head on his forearms, turned towards her. He’s drowsing, only half-awake, but whenever she gets up from her homework, he’s watching her. Sleepy eyes. Bedroom eyes.

Ella bites her lip and forces herself to turn back to her lab report. She’s supposed to be thinking about chemistry, not about Adam’s back, all lean muscles and tanned skin tapering down to his hips. Not about the way the line of his spine dips right before it runs under the waistband of his jeans. Especially not about his eyes, how he blinks slowly at her as if he can’t get his fill of looking, as if falling asleep would mean he’d miss something.

“You’d rather be over here,” he murmurs. Even half-asleep, he’s caught her looking.

“I need to finish this,” she says. She does. But it could wait. It’s knowing that, knowing that she could slide out of her clothes and into bed next to him, knowing how she could feel the heat of his body against her skin as she leaned in to kiss the point of his shoulder, knowing that the only thing holding her back is the fact that she promised herself she’d get this done tonight—all that makes it even harder to concentrate. Her mind keeps drifting to Adam’s hands—his long narrow fingers, the strength of his touch. 

Adam hmms into his arms, a low sound that catches somewhere between a yawn and a moan. He smiles, and his eyelids flutter closed. “You’re not getting much done,” he says. There’s a definite note of smug satisfaction in his voice.

“Interrupting won’t help me go faster,” she says, a bit more sharply than she meant. He’s just too damn tempting, and he knows it, which makes it worse.

“Ella, you know this stuff,” Adam says, wheedling now. He rolls over, leaving one hand propped behind his head, and rests the other on his stomach. His eyes are hooded, the blue darkened and deep, not as sharp as usual. She’s half-turned in her desk chair, her chemistry book nudging her elbow, but she forgets it completely when Adam’s hand slides lower, his fingertips rubbing softly at the line of hair that disappears under his jeans. She licks her lips quickly. She really can’t be expected to do homework under these conditions. She’s getting wet just from the thought of Adam’s mouth on her.

“You’re tired,” he says, and he flicks the button of his fly open with his thumb. With a twist of his hips he pushes his jeans lower, and takes his half-hard dick in his hand. “Come to bed.”

Ella would roll her eyes, but she can’t quite look away. “To sleep the sleep of the innocent, I’m sure,” she says.

“Mmm.” Adam’s eyes drift closed as he squeezes himself, slowly, his hand moving like he’s half-asleep still, and waking up to a morning erection and the prospect of unhurried pleasure.

“You never have to work, do you?” Ella asks, exasperated. Adam’s grades are disgustingly good. “You never study.”

“I have better things to think about,” he says, and he slants a heated look towards her. “You.”

“You look like you’re having enough fun on your own.” Ella resolutely turns her back on him, but she can’t help listening. Adam is breathing deeply and evenly, almost as if he’s still asleep. But there’s the soft brush of skin on skin, and every now and then, he lets out a sound like an interrupted sigh. Ella manages to pick up her pen, but the brief thud of his pants hitting the floor makes her turn around again.

Adam is beautiful naked. There’s no other word for it. His legs are long and well-shaped, his arms and chest muscular from hours of rowing. His cock rests on his belly, swollen and curving slightly, and Ella remembers the weight and length of it against her tongue. Adam runs his fingers over his stomach, until his nipples tighten and there’s a spray of gooseflesh along his arms. He’s teasing himself as much as her. Waiting.

Ella wants him. There’s no point in denying it, or in putting it off. He’s right, as usual, that she’s not going to get anything done with him there.

When she stands up and turns to him, he smiles up at her, warm and languid. “God, Ella. You could make me come just watching you,” he says.

“You’re no help,” she says repressively, but it’s pointless; he’s won, and she’s already letting her clothing fall away. The room is cold, but she knows how much heat there is in him. Ella climbs on top of him and takes his hand, pulling it away from his cock. He tugs her arm to his mouth. He holds her gaze as he grazes open-mouthed kisses against the thin skin of the inside of her wrist. He licks and sucks gently, as if he can’t be bothered to rush, to pull her down on top of him like he has other times, until she’s clawing at him to fuck her harder and he’s growling into her ear. Not now. There’s a hint of roughness on his lips, and his tongue swirls against her pulse. Ella shivers and finds his mouth with hers.

It’s midnight, but Adam kisses her like it’s a Sunday morning in spring, with the windows open and the sun pouring over them, and no place to be or go or do. Ella cups his face with a palm, to touch the grain of his stubble where it’s coming in, and to turn his head so that she can kiss him even deeper. Ella sighs and stretches so that she’s in contact with as much of him as possible, and he’s hard against her belly, but he doesn’t grab her.

Ella’s the one who moves. She strokes a hand along his side, filling her palm with the solid mass of him, and he murmurs something into her mouth. She loses the words. He slides his hand out from behind his head and strokes down her back, until he’s holding her ass. He rolls his hips upward, just once, just enough, and Ella moans and pushes back.

“Adam,” she says, and even his name slows when she speaks it. There’s no need for urgency. There’s only wanting him, moving against him, his hand finding her breast now and his fingers rubbing across her nipple. She lets her mouth fall open in a silent gasp, swaying into him.

Adam’s hand moves lower, down her belly, and then his fingers slide against her pussy and Ella breathes hard into his shoulder. His finger finds her clit and Ella gasps and goes still against him. His finger moves, a quarter-inch at a time, back and forth, so fucking goddamn slow. They’re barely moving, but they’re both panting like they’ve been running for miles. When she comes, it’s like a rolling breaker, flowing over her and sliding back slowly, leaving her wet and shuddering.

“Fuck, Ella.” Adam rolls her to her side and draws his mouth over her collarbone. “Come on.”

Ella has to stretch across him to reach the drawer where she keeps the condoms, but Adam just keeps on kissing every part of her he can reach. The dip of her waist, the ticklish line just under her ribs, the crease beneath the soft weight of her breast. He takes the packet from her and rips it open, rolling the condom on with the same languorous ease that he’s displayed all evening.

“Now,” she whispers, when it feels like she’s been waiting forever, and Adam rolls her over and holds himself up on one elbow. With the other hand, he guides himself into her, and she’s so wet and swollen from her orgasm that he feels like silk. She stretches and sighs a bit, and Adam rests on both hands so that he can kiss her and arch into her, both at once.

Then, it’s all small shifts and Adam’s breath against her ear. Ella clenches down on him until he groans. His biceps flex, and he’s watching her, blue eyes dark in the dim room. Ella slides her hands down his back, her fingers finding sweat in the dip of his spine, and then she pulls him closer, and they’re still again, waiting, and then with a shudder Adam thrusts into her, deep and hard, and she touches the place where their bodies meet until she comes again. Adam groans when he reaches orgasm, and Ella kisses him, tasting salt.

He rolls off of her, taking care of the condom, and then he curls into her—the bed is ridiculously tiny, but she doesn’t care, and it’s clear that he doesn’t either.

Ella’s eyes are already closed and she’s sliding along the border between sleep and waking when he murmurs, “I study the best things,” into her hair. “You.”

She huffs a laugh, and falls asleep buried in the heat of his body, as if she never has to wake up to more than this, than him.

The AROUSE writing contest is a partnership between Shedoesthecity and We-Vibe. We love We-Vibe for many reasons: of course we enjoy mind-blowing orgasms, but we also value that We-Vibe products are designed and inspired by real bodies, real connection, and pure pleasure.

Keep coming back to read the top ten entries! They are most certainly arousing; we’re excited to share the diverse range of stories.