Happy Valentine’s Day. Here’s a hot little poem by Jaz Papadopoulos that we ‘re certain will do things to your bod and mind. Their poem was one of the top ten submissions from our AROUSE Erotic Writing Contest this past summer, in partnership with  pleasure experts: We-Vibe.

Enjoy, and if you want to go deeper, read all of the delicious top entries that turned us on. For added fun, may we suggest you find something to pair with your reading. 



starfish have no head, therefore any direction is forward


I lower myself on top of her, bent knees, facing away. “reverse

cowgirl” they call it, some trans shit I call it as I watch her cock 

grow—as I watch my cock grow. at first I am hesitant,

but she coaxes that’s your cock. 


I wrap my right hand around it like an Olympian accepts their first 

medal, awe and possibility open in the world as 

my fingers reach around it’s growing 

heat, she inhales sharply, a first sip of air 

after holding your breath for a long time


I squeeze and stroke my cock. she, on her back, writhes

I ride my own pleasure goddamn! erotic empathy

pumping up through my body, hips tilt and I

gush against her tense stomach thrusting pelvis we come


and then we switch. my legs straighten like the ocean under

the setting sun –– I lie back, shoulder blades 

press down her tits, her cheek

at my ear, our eyes look up, the cracks in the ceiling become flickering stars,

an inverted sky appearing in the daytime in my own very bedroom,

this must be magic.


I put weight into my ass, grinding with anticipation

as she reaches for her clit, fingers tickling

across my hip bone, the sensitive skin on my stomach,

I giggle and flinch and then gasp when

she finds the wetness of her cunt between my legs, my

legs on top of her legs,

my back on her chest, her clit and my