We’re all about dropping rich cultural experiences into the calendar to bring warmth and vibrancy to winter lockdown life. One thing that we’re definitely tuning into next month is the FREE Magic and Loss: A Tribute to Lou Reed concert, happening on YouTube from February 4th, 7:30pm through February 7th, 7:30pm. 

Put on by Art of Time Ensemble—who are known for fusing high art and popular culture—Magic and Loss: A Tribute to Lou Reed brings together a phenomenal lineup of artists to perform the best of Lou Reed. 

Magic and Loss premiered in 2015, and Reed’s iconic songs are explored in inventive arrangements, performed by a 10-piece ensemble, and fronted by a host of singers including Margo & Michael Timmins (of Cowboy Junkies), Kevin Hearn, Shakura S’Aida, John Southworth, Sarah Slean, Jessica Leung and Tom Wilson. The ensemble also features a collective of jazz and classical musicians including Artistic Director and pianist Andrew Burashko, saxophonist John Johnson, bassist George Koller, drummer Mark Mariash, cellist Rachel Mercer, violinists Stephen Sitarski & Cordelia Paw, Douglas Perry on viola, guitarist Rob Piltch and Kevin Turcotte on trumpet.  

“When I first encountered Lou Reed as a teenager, I was completely blown away by the subject matter of his songs. He wrote about a segment of society that no one had ever touched before in popular music and he did it with unflinching directness. He was never one to follow a trend, always one to set it and his unwillingness to compromise as an artist embodied integrity. In Magic and Loss, I’ve created a program that strives to show as many facets of Reed as possible, and paired the songs with performers who embody the songs’ spirit.” – Andrew Burashko, Artistic Director

Not sure about you, but a few notes of “Walk on the Wild Side” or “Sweet Jane”, and we’re immediately transported to another moment in time. Music is a powerful tool for time travel, and an instant mood shifter. No matter what is happening in the moment, Lou Reed’s voice always fills our bodies and minds with good vibes. 

Magic and Loss will be available for free streaming at this link. Be sure to RSVP, because this is without a doubt something to look forward to.