On the corner of Dundas and Palmerston, Art and Drinks is an intriguing space. Peeking through the big windows might reveal any number of curiousities, from video art to penises. Run by Canadian artist John Oswald, the venue plays host to a revolving display of fantastic video installations, all viewable from comfy blue velvet couches. When we stopped by this week, Oswald had invited members of a naturist society to hang out in the space in the nude, while more bundled patrons sipped drinks and got lost in the mesmerizing works lining the walls.

Prominently displayed is one of Oswald’s many projects, a layered life-sized video featuring models in several states of undress. As the images fade in and out of each other, so do the clothes. If you stop by Art and Drinks, don’t be surprised if Oswald invites you into the basement to become one of a long list (1600 long, in fact) of people who have posed for him. 

Sadly, this unique space will be closing its doors at the end of January. If you haven’t had a chance to stop by yet, put it on your list before the 31st. 

Art and Drinks, 800 Dundas St. W.

~ Haley Cullingham, photo courtesy Art and Drinks