Twentytwenty Arts has partnered with five well-known artists (Natalie Very B, Alex Garant, Andrea Kan, Jieun June Kim, and Eric Pause) to host a time-limited print edition sale for charity. 

“Since founding Twentytwenty Arts in May 2018, I have been approached by dozens of artists interested in donating their work,” says Megan Kee, Founder of Twentytwenty Arts. “The #ArtThatGivesBack store is a space where artists can not only profit from the sale of their work, but also donate to a charity of their choosing. Artists are some of the most empathetic people I have ever met.”

The prints are striking and each artist has selected a different non-profit organization to receive a portion of their sales.

50% of Eric Pause’s Slow me down print sales will be donated to Home’s First.
50% of Alex Garant’s And love print sales will be donated to SKETCH.
40% of Andre Kan’s JACKYL print sales will be donated to Made of Millions.
70% of Natalie Very B’s Mother Nature print sales will be donated to Women’s Habitat.
50% of Jieun June Kim’s Horangi print sales will be donated to Workman Arts.

“We all have our reasons for connecting with a specific cause—loss of a loved one, overcoming an illness, or battling an addiction—we wanted to honour the issues that are important to the artists. With over 170,000 charities and non-profits in Canada, it is also my hope to shine a spotlight on organizations that people may not have heard of,” says Kee, who was moved to start Twentytwenty, after losing her brother to an opioid overdose in 2016.

“Mother Nature” by Artist Natalie Very B.

We admire Twentytwenty’s mission to use art to inspire conversations about mental health issues. During the two-week #ArtThatGivesBack campaign, they will be publishing content in partnership with each charity to educate audiences on issues ranging from mental health stigma to domestic abuse, homelessness, and the healing power of art.

Work is all priced at $40 per print. See the full collection available to purchase here, as well as more info on each of the organizations who will receive proceeds from this very cool project.