Whether you are gallivanting from one holiday party to the next, or partying all night only to pass out on your pals couch – every city girl (and every fella, in my opinion) needs the right bag to tote from door to door.

Thankfully, gone are the days of wanting blaring logos plastered on your purse and we also happily wave goodbye to impractical fabrics that soak up the snow. For a more functional but fashionable shopper there is A2ZANE an exciting and quirky retail pop-up shop on Queen just West of Ossington.

A2ZANE, which has been online for about eight months, is run by the undeniably dashing and delightful Zane Aburaneh, Coming from Holt Renfrew and Gucci, Zane discovered what people can find in the marketplace, and inversely what they can not, “I wanted to carry bags that you just couldn’t walk into Holt Renfrew and pick up”.

Having the shop on West Queen West, Zane buys for his clientele and understands that style and function really do go together – and a great product gives you both.

Whenever my mom gets a new bag she loves, she calls it her “new best friend” here are some of the new BFFs I found at A2ZANE:

HOI BO Small Satchel

Perfect for everyday style, and its made locally in Toronto. $345

MAB by Rebecca Minkoff This beauty is perfect for the busy gal hopping from work to play to …ehem… sleepover (MAB stands for Morning After Bag! So cheeky…we love it!) $625

Billy Kirk Briefcase For your man who loves to look chic, and needs a place for his planner, iPhone, wallet and keys – we have the Billy Kirk Briefcase. The combination of leather and dark green plaid will have you roll-playing student and sexy prof in no time. $395

The Callahan What to get your earth-conscious BFF who still has great style?! The CALLAHAN by Matt & Nat of course! An adorable evening bag (or smaller day bag.) Made with vegan leather and 100% recycled sand faux suede lining. $125

So, that’s just a taste… but A2Zane really has something for everyone, hurry up and get there though – this POP-UP paradise will only be around until March!



~Louisa Cohen