At Gap Bay & Bloor we run into Tommy Ton's cousin and shoppers buying whites for Cannes.

Please Mr. Sun, please shine down on me ’cause Gap has so many cute Spring clothes and we really want to wear the boyfriend shorts without tights. Thanks, Shedoesthecity.

When we asked Kelsey for a pic, she relayed that her cousin also had a fashion blog, “Do you know JakandJil? My cousin is Tommy Ton.” Naturally, we didn’t have to help her pose. Looks like good style runs in the fam!

Kelsey’s style icon: Victoria Beckham
Favourite Gap staple: “Pants!” 
Film Kelsey loves: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
The trend she’s noticing right now: “A lot of colour blocking.”
Perfect way to spend a Saturday: “Shopping!”

Lauren O’Nizzle
We ran into Internet princess @laurenonizzle shopping for Cannes. NO FAIR!!! She was holding a sheer patterned skirt for $54.95. Bet that skirt will look nice next to Johnny Depp. 

Lauren’s staple Gap item: "I purchased a pullover hoodie from The Gap during a field trip in Grade 8 that I STILL wear every once in a while around the campfire. It’s practically vintage at this point. But as for clothes I wear on regular basis, I must say I really dig Gap’s crisp white tees."
What trend she is loving right now: "Colour blocking, in a huge way. I’m obsessed. Everyone’s obsessed."
Style Icon: "This changes every day. Yesterday it was Hilary Banks. Today, Hillary Duff."
Celebrity Crush: "Chuck Basssss… not even Ed Westwick. Just straight up Chuck Bass."
Favourite band: Queen
Favourite way to spend a Friday night: Blogging in public or going nuts at Dubstep show.

Olga wanted to dance with the mannequin, so we let her. How can you say no to someone so cute? 

Olga’s style icon: Edie Sedgwick
What she was eyeing at Gap: 1969 Flared Bottom Jeans
Staple Gap Item: “Plaid button-downs from the boys department!” (The advantages of being a size 0!)
What trend she can’t wait to wear: “I’m stoked for the 70s influence and cannot wait to rock a pair of bell-bottoms I just got from the Gap.”
Her next big trip: “New York in June. I can’t wait!”
Celebrity crush: “James Spader in Secretary, Paul Rudd in any movie where he’s not wearing pants.”
Perfect way to spend a Friday night: “Anything as long as it involves wigs, sequins and dancing.” 

Victoria admitted that half her outfit was in fact her jammies but if you look this good rolling out of bed, who cares! WORK IT! Plus she was wearing her fave Gap jacket she bought last year, so extra points for Victoria!

What Victoria was buying at Gap: Gold pattern dress on sale for $19.99
Style icon: Karla from Karla’s Closet
If she Victoria could travel anywhere in the world: “Australia!”
Favourite Trend: “I love Prada this season with the monkeys and the prints.”
Perfect Way to Spend a Saturday: “Shopping!"

Graceful, light with a splash of colour, we liked Martine’s classic yet individual style.

Staple Gap Item: “Fitted blue jacket I can pair with anything.”
Style Icon: 
“Kate Hudson, she is very hippy and laid back.”
Biggest trend for Spring: 
Bright cropped pants
If you could be any animal, what would you be? 
“A lioness!” ROARRR!

Kelly had the best smile and was very eloquent on the fly. It’s not every day that a team of three interrupt for on the spot style questions. 

Why Kelly likes shopping at Gap: “The clothes are classic, simple and define my style.”
What she was searching for: “I knew they were having a promo and I’m searching for items to update my Spring wardrobe.”
Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn
Favourite Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s (ANOTHER ONE! Doesn’t surprise us, these girls have good style.)
If you could travel any where in the world right now, where would you go? ”Spain!”
Biggest Trend for Spring: “Lots of whites and soft colours, with pops of bright colour. Skinny jeans are out!” 

Words by Ivana Markotic, @ivana_write. Photos by Kira Crugnale, @kiraunfun

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