Forgetus Collective—a group dedicated to fostering a distinctively Torontonian alternative culture through art, design, music, media, and events—is throwing a party this Friday in the name of pubescent hormones and teenage angst: High School Art Party!

While the idea of reliving those awkward years may not be appealing for most of us (I say this as I recall my 16 year-old self’s favourite pair of pants that spelled out the word PUNK on the ass), we all have cherished memories of music and art that defined our teenage years. High School Art Party is about embracing the creativity that emerged from all that social anxiety, boredom, angst, sexual frustration, and whatever else you experienced. Those glimmers of hope that you can look back upon and realize, “I wasn’t all that bad of a kid” (like when your music taste stopped sucking, or whatever).

Artists present include Xenia Anemia, Sonia Bartlett, Jared Berenholz, Jessica Carroll, Michael Craske, Vanessa Handford, Dimitri Karakostas, Denelle Kennedy, Christopher Kluter, Colleen McCarten, Patrick McGuire, Irene Meimaris, Cia Mellegers, Simon Mohos, Emma Needleman, Paul Otvos, Andrea Pelletier, Aaron Power, Adam Sammons, Dave Setrakian, Frances Tanzer, Dylan Thompson, Brad Tinmouth, and Aaron Wynia.

AND, for the true high school experience, photographer Brian Wilson will be doing picture day portraits! There will also be a BYO home-made pipe and bong competition, $3 swamp water, and high school playlists.

For those who want to contribute an embarrassing piece of high school art, limited spots are still available. Email

~ Caitlyn Holroyd