There’s a special kind of social interaction that occurs when you get a critical mass of journalists in one place without something to point a camera or a recorder at. Awkwardness? No. MAGIC! Word nerds, take heart: this Wednesday, the legendary Press Pass party, thrown by the one and only Nadja Sayej, is teaming up with the Ryerson Review of Journalism for a journ-hoedown. 

With two issues of the Review to celebrate, you can toss back whiskey while you peruse the best of student long-form work (we’re biased. Whatever.) This is a great opportunity for young writers to interact with old, students to meet the pros, and everyone to talk shop. Simply put, it’s a good time. 

What’s the Ryerson Review? It’s a journalism review put out twice a year by graduating Bachelors and Masters students in Ryerson’s Journalism program. We pour our blood, sweat, tears, brainwaves and shame into these babies, and we’d love to sell you a copy, or two, or five. The latest issues of the Review explore Canada’s North, and the ethical dilemmas that face journalists working in disaster zones: how do you balance your humanity and your professionalism? 

What’s Press Pass? It’s a gathering of journos organized by Art Star Nadja Sayej. It provides a safe (read: drunk) space for journalists to nerd out over industry gossip, get way too excited about typefaces, and compare ridiculous freelancing stories. AKA the place you want to be if you’re an aspiring writer or working journalist who needs to meet some kindred spirits.

Press Pass Toronto: RRJ Edition

Wednesday, April 25th
8 pm, The Press Club, 850 Dundas St. W.