First, Twitter is awesome. The internet and social-networking can get pretty silly at the best of times (case in point: blogging + me right now) but Twitter actually serves many purposes, including that of platform-for-major-concert-announcements. Lately, we’ve noticed that promotion companies and venues in Montreal are getting into the habit of announcing major acts and events on Twitter before making announcements anywhere else in the cyber-world. Fact. Instead of browsing 64 photos from someone’s birthday party where the camera is mostly pointing at crotches and the ceiling – ahem, Facebook – you could be on Twitter learning that your favourite band of all time just announced a tour-stop in Montreal and tickets are on pre-sale at this very moment.

So, for Twitter newbies and regulars alike, we’ve compiled a short list of Montreal music accounts that every Montreal Twitter user should consider following. (Along with @SheDoesTheCity, of course. But that’s obvious.)

Foremost, if you are only going to follow one user from this entire list (why would you do that?), let it be @MTLConcerts. This guy – Richard Legault, Montreal music reviewer for – knows everything, all of the time. He checks out rumours, he predicts big concerts before they are announced, he updates his site with a list of the major acts expected in Montreal over the following few months, and he is a funny and nice Twitter-friend to have.

Similarly, a few of Legault’s sources are actually Montreal concert promotion and production companies, such as @evenko, @greenlandprod and @BSTB (Blue Skies Turn Black). Evenko, especially, is known for making huge announcements on Twitter, and giving full information about ticket-sale dates and ticket prices via tweets.

For information about specific set times and ticket availability closer to the date of a show, we suggest you follow the venues themselves: @MTL_Metropolis, @ClubSodaMTL, @Casadelpopolo, @LeDivanOrange and @OlympiaMontreal all possess active Twitter feeds.

Now you (hopefully) never have to buy last minute, over-priced tickets from those really prime-sketchy bouncers in front of Metropolis again. You’re welcome.

~ Tyler Yank