ATTN Coffee Lovers: The Flat White Has Arrived At Second Cup

Heads up, your coffee routine is about to change in a big way. Forget lattes, cappuccinos and drip coffee, the Flat White trumps ALL. What makes it so special? Every cup has the perfect balance of espresso and milk, literally. The Flat White is only available in one size – 8 oz or 250 mL – to ensure the same ratio of delishousness every single time.

Made with a double shot of Second Cup’s Esspresso Forte and velvety steamed milk with a barely there layer of micro-foam, the Flat White tastes smooth and strong without the bitterness. We tried our first cup of the espresso-based coffee last week and have been hooked ever since. There’s something about it that tastes really pure. Maybe it’s the higher proportion of espresso-to-milk (when compared to lattes), or the ultra fine bubbles in place of regular ol’ foam that’s stiff and tasteless. It’s definitely become our go-to morning bevy!

You may have a chance to try the Flat White earlier than you think! Keep your eyes peeled for Piaggio sampling trucks providing free tastings all over the nation! For deets, check out the Second Cup website, Facebook page or follow #espressoloversrejoice on Twitter.



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