At some point in the last month, I missed the memo about Gotye landing in our fair city this Friday (March 30) accompanied by Kimbra, the Kiwi babe-singer from her and Gotye’s now-famous duet ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’. How the fuck did this happen!?

In case you haven’t heard (you must live on Mars if you haven’t), Gotye is a Belgian-born, Australian singer-songwriter with an amazing set of pipes. In 2009, his song Heart’s a Mess gained 200+ plays in my iTunes during an awful break-up, and I’ve been the loyalist of fans ever since.

In August 2011, Gotye dropped his third album ‘Making Mirrors’, and the subsequent release of ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ – and the song’s really, really awesome music video which went viral overnight – undoubtedly contributed to the international-superstardom Gotye has now achieved. Brontë is also a fantastic (albeit sad) tune off his latest album that is definitely worth a listen!

Gotye will be performing at the Théàtre Corona (2490 Notre-Dame West) at 9pm. Tickets are sold-out at the box office, but in all seriousness, I am hitting up Craigslist and the interwebz as I type these words. All is not lost!

~ Tyler Yank