Bananas are Magic Pt. 2: Two Ingredient Pancakes

After I shared a recipe for banana “ice cream” on the site a few months ago, fellow writer/banana-fan Tess told me about a recipe for two ingredient pancakes. That’s right, folks: bananas are back again and ready to amaze you. These “pancakes” are everything you ever wanted: tasty, cheap, and easy to make! As an added bonus, they’re also gluten-free!

Ingredients (yields six to eight medium-sized pancakes):

1 well mashed banana

2 eggs


  • Blend/whip banana and eggs together until frothy using a whisk, electric mixer, or blender.
  • Pour batter onto oiled or non-stick frying pan in a manner pleasing to your pancake-needs.
  • Flip pancakes when batter starts to bubble and/or browns on the bottom.
  • Remove from heat.
  • PRESTO CHANGEO you’ve got pancakes!

Add your favourite toppings and enjoy! (Guys, I eat them plain because they are plain old DELICIOUS.)

Disclaimer: These are more like scrambled-banana-egg-cakes than they are traditional pancakes. BUT, I swear, if you add syrup/jam/whatever, you won’t even notice the difference! (Well you WILL because, duh, different ingredients, but you’ll be too busy shovelling these into your mouth to care.)


  • Use younger bananas if you want to decrease the banana flavour.
  • The batter is more difficult to flip than regular pancake batter, so start by cooking one at a time until you’re comfortable with them.
  • Word on the street (read: kitchen) is that pumpkin pie filling can be used in place of bananas! It’s a must-try for the upcoming all-things-pumpkin season.

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  1. Nilou Yekta
    September 13, 2013

    these are the only pancakes I ever make anymore hahha

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