Grrrrrr. I love doing that. Grrrrrrrrrr. And it’s totally acceptable to grrr, growl and roar because this year the ROM is going WILD for their annual ROM PROM! (Please make Dan Levy come flying in on a giant vine.)

If they aren’t wearing BCBG (the fancy new sponsor) then expect to see guests camouflaged in leopard print, leather and a lot of fur trim. PROM Committee Co-chair Alison Brough relayed that she’ll be wearing “body paint…and that’s it.” Okay, jokes, but seriously, this is a license to be super creative with your attire.

If you have ever been on a committee for a huge fundraising bash, you will know that themes are the source of heated debate worthy of a comedy film. Alison admits that choosing this year’s theme wasn’t easy. “I wanted to do disco but Boobyball was already themed Studio 54.” There was a brief period when ROM PROM was going to be a masquerade but this was shot down for a variety of reasons including the obvious, “Your hair always gets ruined and you never look as good as Gossip Girl or Marie Antoinette,” says Ali. We concur! Through deductive reasoning it was finally concluded that this year MUST be a WILD theme. We can’t wait for the safari. In fact, the decor for the evening will reflect a scene from Out of Africa; let’s hope some of the Young Patron men look like a dashing Robert Redford. Grrrr. Again. Am I starting to sound like a cougar? On theme?

Organized by the Young Patron Circle, money raised at ROM PROM goes towards funding school programming at the ROM. The Young Patron circle is a membership for museum enthusiasts between the ages of 20 and 40 who are looking to support the ROM, broaden their social network and get a chance to experience exhibits at the ROM in a very intimate and special way: A super cool culture club for young professionals.

Tickets are selling out fast!

VIP Experience
VIP tickets include special access to a pre-party reception with Museum curators, unlimited access to a private bar with premier cocktails, gourmet tasting stations and a stellar gift bag stocked with goodies from BCBGMAXAZRIA, Stila Cosmetics, Givenchy, Toronto Life, and more!
VIP is $295 for non YPC members and $275 for YPC members.

General Admission
Party tickets include access to one of the most vibrant events of the season, complete with cocktails, delicious bites, dancing and live entertainment.
 Admission is $125 for YPC members and $150 for Non YPC Members

And start planning your outfit, BCBG has fun party dress-up tips.

Yes, I can feel it. Wild things are going to happen at this year’s ROM PROM. Don’t be surprised if I claw you in the safari tent. Tigers get hungry.

~ Jen McNeely