We are loving Gap’s, www.gapcanada.ca, spring collection of bright coloured skinnies and khakis that can be styled to create a vibrant and totally electric look, or mixed with neutrals for a subtle pop of colour. For us, the BE BRIGHT collection is happy, fun and brings a warm energy for the season ahead. The cool thing is, you can mix and match this trend to suit your individual style. Whether you love to pair bright stripes with brighter jeans or prefer a hint of colour that pops against neutral tones; Gap’s BE BRIGHT collection will surely add playfulness and energy to your look. So, what hue is most you? We made a fun little quiz to help determine what your BE BRIGHT style is.

How do you like to paint your nails?
A) I paint the latest DIY manicure on the nail blogs. Right now, I’m digging crazy patterns.
B) This season I’m into daiquiri blue, lavender or soft yellow.
C) I like subtle matte pink.
D) Bright green! Hot pink! Electric orange!

The song you are most likely to play before a big night out is:
A) M.I.A – Born Free
B) Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know
C) Grimes – Infinite <3 Without Fulfillment
D) Sleigh Bells – Comeback Kid

Your Saturday night cocktail is:
A) Whiskey and Coke.
B) A crisp glass of rose wine.
C) Vodka and soda with lime.
D) Raspberry Mojito.

Iconic image you love:
A) Debbie Harry dressed in leather with platinum blonde hair and red red lips.
B) Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
C) Bridget Bardot sex kitten look.
D) Farah Fawcett on a skateboard. 

Statement accessory you love right now: 
A) Leather cuffs / bracelets with studs.
B) Pearls and vintage costume jewelery in soft tones. 
C) Backpack or geek-chic specs.
D) Chunky colourful earrings.

Fun to you is:
A) Hitting a live show at a small but packed venue.
B) Picnic in the park. 
C) Sipping a latte in a used bookstore.
D) Upside-down rollercoaster. Weeeeeeeeee!

Sunday mornings should be spent:
A) Um, sleeping? I was dancing until 3AM.
B) Tea and fashion blogs!
B) Reading the New York Times in bed with a strong Americano.
D) Brunch with best friends.

I pair my denim with:
A) Black wedges with gold studs.
B) Cute ballet flats.
C) Brown leather laced ankle booties.
D) Neon orange sneakers.

I always tell my hairdresser:
A) Give me sexy bed head.
B) Do you have any of that stuff that makes my hair pink for a day?
C) Bangs and a trim.
D) Can you make my hair like Giselle Bundchen’s?

My dream vacay is:
A) Berlin
B) San Francisco
C) Paris
D) Buenos Aires

Please deliver me this bouquet:
A) Bright tulips in every colour!
B) Pink and purple Lilies. 
C) Sunflowers or daisies. 
D) A bonsai plant or exotic looking orchid.

Style icon:
A) Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry
B) Blake Lively or Alexa Chung
C) Karen O or Chloe Sevigny
D) Michelle Williams or Rachel McAdams

Mostly A: You are a runway rebel. You pull off edgy like you didn’t try one bit. Can we snap a photo of you?
Gap items for you include:
Tie-dye braided crossbody bag: $99. 95
Skinny double band belt: $34.95
1969 denim jumper: $89.95
Slim cropped retired pants in red: $49.95
Leather shift dress: $299.00

Mostly B: Pretty. You are soft, elegant and radiate grace. Join us at The Windsor Arms for tea?
Gap items for you include:
Gathered tank dress: $64.95
Colourblock umbrella: $29.95
Pleated trench coat:  $99
1969 lightweight always skinny skimmer jeans: $79.95

Mostly C: Classic and cool. You look so effortlessly hot, we wonder how you do it?
Gap items for you include:
Colourblock tote – $49.95
Broken-in straight khakis: $59.95
Striped boatneck sweater: $59.95
Soft lace-up oxfords – $59.95

Mostly D: Electric lady! Can we invite you to our next party? You light up a room.
Gap items for you include:
Soft lace-up oxfords- $59.95
Gap + Threadless So Into You T:  $29.95
1969 lightweight always skinny skimwear jeans $79.95
Anything with bright colours! And there is TONS OF THAT in this super colourful collection for Spring 2012. 

Still need inspiration? Gap partnered with your favourite fashion blogs to create some seriously hot looks for Spring. Refinery 29, WhoWhatWear, FabSugar, Lookbook, Rue and MOG all injected their own creativity to show off their Gap Be Bright style. Check it out at http://www.styldby.com.

Share your hue by tweeting @shedoesthecity and @GapCA #BeBright and you could win a gift card!