DIY love note
By Dilys Tong
Sew Be It Studio 

Let’s be honest…. No matter how much I announce the fact that I hate Valentines, deep inside I secretly wish the cupid would send me a Valentine love. What is a better way to tell that special someone “Be mine!” than with a handmade Valentine card. So dear Cupid, for this Valentines, could you send me a George Clooney look alike, please?  


  • For the card – your choice of felt colour, approximately 12” by 9”
  • The mini hearts – felt pieces, any color of your choice. I would recommend colors that are valentine related such as hot pink, red or purple.
  • Felt to cut out letters for your special message
  • Yarn
  • Large yarn hand sewing needle
  • Glue
  • A hand full of fiberfill


  • Cut out 8 (or so) mini hearts in your choice of size. You can cut out the hearts in any color of your choice. I personally prefer the colours of love….pink, red and fuscia.


Step 1: The card body

  • Fold the felt in half

  • Using a large running stitch with the yarn, and hand stitch along the folded edge.

Step 2: Decorate the card surface

  • Place the mini hearts as in

  • Pin the hearts in place
  • Using the same yarn, hand stitch around the heart edge with a running stitch.

    *Just before you finish stitching all around, take a little bit of the fiberfill and stuff the center of the heart, then continue the stitching.

  • Repeat the same for all the hearts.

Step 3: The love message!!

  • Cut out the letters of your love note and glue them to the inside of the card.

I hope this card will bring you the romance that you deserve!!! Happy Valentines!!! XOXO

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