Me to We offers great gift ideas for people who are tired of the materialist world but…still want something to open up on Christmas morning. These are gifts that give back, and you’ll feel good about giving them. They are also really cool and we’d want them even if they weren’t giving back!

Me to We “transforms consumers into world changers, one transaction at a time.” 
Give a gift for Christmas that has a social conscience, which in turn spreads good karma to the world. Proceeds go to a variety of Free The Children charities.

Here are some items we can’t wait to gift:

Rafiki Friend Chain– $9.99
The rafiki friend chain is perfect for a stocking stuffer or for those group gift exchanges with your friends. The bracelet symbolizes unity and celebration between friends. They’re something fun to add to your arm, and at this price you can stack a bunch on your wrist.

Bahati Luck Snap Bracelet Thin or Thick, $29.99/$39.99
Personally I hope to find this bracelet in my stocking. These bracelets are apart of the Maasai people’s tradition, in wearing these bracelets you bring good luck to yourself. The best part about them is that each bracelet is an original.

Pamoja Unity Bracelet – Leather, $49.99
The Pamoja bracelets are also a reflection of the Massai culture. Traditionally these bracelets are worn in multiples, and with a couple color variations you’ll be able to mix and match.

Turkana Earth Pamoja Unity Bracelet– $129.99
This bracelet is made from trade beads found all lover Africa. This is easily added colour to your wrist in either earth tones or vibrant blues. Paired with a simple grey or white shirt, and this is head-turning style.

You can head down to the Me and We store @ 223 Carlton Street or order online @ orders must be in by December 14th.

~ Lindsey Peterson