Have you seen those awesome interactive maps up around West Queen West yet? They are a part of the Community Cartographers project which, with the help of SKETCH, Councillor Mike Layton, and local businesses, hopes to map out important, relevant, and useful arts spaces in the West Queen West area—using information gathered by the people that live, work, and visit there.

The maps, which can be found in various locations throughout the neighbourhood, allows users (the Cartographers!) to post colour coded stickers in places where programmed or spontaneous activities are happening, or spaces where people feel creativity is lacking.

With their partner SKETCH, who just moved to the new Artscape Youngplace building (180 Shaw St.), the Community Cartographers also hope to address issues of accessibility. SKETCH has been working in the community for over 16 years to increase the accessibility of artsbased programming to at-risk and marginalized youth.

To help the project grow you can use a map, fill out an online survey, tweet an image or location to @Ccartographers using #mapTO19, or join their Facebook page. The Community Cartographers are also holding consultation sessions, the next of which are June 19 and 20 at the SKETCH offices (180 Sudbury St.). If you have ideas or opinions about increasing the creative space in West Queen West, get yourself to one of them! You can also email communitycartographers19@gmail.com for more information.

Photo from facebook.com/CommunityCartographers