Celebrate your inner fille du roi by tippling a Caribou at Igloofest tonight.

History distilled in a cup, the drink’s ingredients represent Canada’s founding nations: English Port, French Cognac and First Nations maple syrup.

According to Quebecois lore, the coureurs des bois drank barrels of the stuff to fend off the inhospitable Boreal climate.  Toss in a few beaver pelts, a bowl of oreilles de crisse, and you realize that Saturday nights in Quebec haven’t changed that much in 300 years. 

And how’s this for an endorsement? Bonhomme Carnaval’s perma-smile isn’t merely the product of long winter walks and spoon-playing: his innocent looking walking stick is filled with extra-strength Caribou hooch.

Here’s how to brew your own:

Le Caribou

– 3 oz Port
– 1.5 oz Cognac
– A dash of maple syrup

Let Igloofest supply you with your own mug of high-test gut rot. This weekend, Igloofest welcomes USA’s Mark Farina, Sweden’s Zoo Brazil and Israel’s Guy Gerber.

January 21-23 and 28-30. Tickets $10; the $65 Igloopass gives you access to all shows.  
6pm ’til Midnight @ Quai Jacques Cartier, Metro Champs de Mars.